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Lost Mountain General Store in Powder Springs, Georgia

The Old Lost Mountain Store, located on the corner of Dallas Highway and Mars Hill Road in Powder Springs, Georgia, has been a center of trading and commerce since being built in 1881.The land around the area was undeveloped when Judge Aaron Lafayette Bartlett noticed this and purchased roughly 200 acres of land, for the low price of $2.95 with the intent to develop the land. Using handmade supplies, he built and opened the store in 1881, with assistance from his brother-in-law John Coleman Watson. The store was called "The Watson and Barlett Store." In 1925, Newt Sanford began managing the store. He would become the store's longest manager, retiring 70 years later, in 1992. Today it has been renovated to it's original state and is a bank. More information can be found at the Seven Springs Museum in downtown Powder Springs.

This is an image of the store back around 1881.

To purchase prints or merchandise, please follow this link.

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